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Terms & Conditions



  • The terms and conditions stated on BAKEBABE.COM apply to all contracts for the sale of Product(s) by the Seller to a Buyer, including all other terms and conditions stated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Terms and conditions stated on this website overwrites all verbal and non-verbal agreements.
  • As the Buyer, you are responsible to read all the terms and conditions stated on BAKEBABE.COM thoroughly before securing any orders in the form of making payments or deposits to BAKEBABE.
  • All terms and conditions apply to all contract of sale therefore applies to all Buyers.


In this Terms & Conditions, unless the context states otherwise:

  • “Buyer” means the person who buys or agrees to buy the Product(s) from the seller. Buyer is defined as “Consumer” in section 12 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act (Cap. 396);
  • “Seller” means BAKEBABE; Singapore Business Registration number 53250819W operating BAKEBABE.COM;
  • “Conditions” means the terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the Seller;
  • “Delivery Date” means the date when the Product(s) are to be delivered, as specified by the Seller;
  • “Product(s)” means the Good(s) which the buyer agrees to buy from the Seller;
  • “Price” means the price for the Product(s) excluding additional packaging, additional Labor Cost(s), delivery & Additional Decoration(s)
  • “Labor Cost(s)” means the cost of labor in production, packing & delivery of good(s).
  • “Basic Decoration(s)” means the initial packaging that a Product has, without Additional Decorations. Please refer to FAQ for explanation.
  • “Additional Decoration(s)” means the decorations that are not included in the initial price of the Basic Decoration(s) on the chosen Product(s).
  • “Official Quotation” means a formal statement provided by the Seller to supply the Good(s) and Service(s) required by the Buyer, at a specified price and within the specified period.
  • “Quotation Expiry” means the date of which quotation is no longer valid in relation to order lead-time, which is at least 7 days unless stated otherwise in the quotation.
  • “Lead-time” means the total time taken to produce, process, package and deliver product(s) to a buyer.
  • “Official Invoice” means a detailed list of Good(s) with an account of all costs: an itemized bill that contains the: total charge, terms, payment, delivery information which is similar to that of a receipt.
  • “Payment Methods” meaning the method of payment we accept, which is Bank Transfer and Couriered Cheque only.
  • “Deposit” means a sum (of at least 50% on orders that are $10,000 and above only) given to Seller to confirm the order or reserve of date for advance orders.
  • “Short Delivery” means delivery which lacks or short of a few product(s) to the Buyer.


  • BAKEBABE does not make or give (and shall not be deemed to make or give) any representation or undertaking to the Buyer, and shall, to the fullest extent permissible by law, be bound by no condition, warranty, innominate term or other obligation (whether express or implied, and whether imposed or implied by statue, at common law or otherwise) concerning the condition, quality, physical state or attributes, origin, fitness or suitability for any purpose, or conformity with description or sample (notwithstanding any description or picture references the Seller may have supplied of the Product(s), of the Product(s).
  • The Seller shall not be liable loss of profit/business/goodwill or any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage resulting from or arising out of the contract of sale.
  • To the extent that the Seller is liable in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from any defect in or non-compliance of the Product(s) or breach of the Seller’s obligations hereunder, such liability shall not in any event exceed an amount equivalent to the price of the Product(s).
  • The display of any Product(s) or Service(s) on the website BAKEBABE.COM is not an offer to sell and BAKEBABE shall be under no obligation whatsoever to supply the Product(s) or Service(s) ordered through our website.
  • If you place an order with us on our website or via email to purchase Product(s) to BAKEBABE, it will be regarded as an offer to purchase.
  • BAKEBABE will acknowledge your order as soon as possible but will be under NO obligation to supply the Good(s) & Service(s) until we accept your order by issuing an Invoice. Such acceptance shall be a condition precedent to the contract for the sale of Product(s) by the Seller to the Buyer and shall take effect only on these Conditions.
  • Any forms of payment to BAKEBABE shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the Buyer’s acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.
  • Acceptance of delivery of the Product(s) and/or Service(s) on the entry or inscription of the Buyer’s signature on the Seller’s delivery order/note, which entry or inscription shall immediately constitute and be deemed to constitute conclusive evidence of the Buyer’s satisfaction with acceptance of the Product(s) and/or Service(s).
  • Any variation to these Conditions (including any special terms and conditions agreed between the parties) is not applicable unless agreed in writing by the Seller.


  • All cakes are best consumed on the day of purchase or delivery date.
  • No additional preservatives are added to the cakes.
  • Product images and actual products may differ slightly in terms of color, decorations, flavors and et cetera.
  • Customized products and designs are subjected to slight variations and availability of decorative accessories.


  • BAKEBABE reserves the rights to accept or reject any orders and customized designs in relation to availability of slots, labor, materials and et cetera.
  • Standard products require at least 7 days in advance or more depending on quantity of products required.
  • Customized Products must be ordered at least 14 days in advance. They include products such as fondant cakes, cream cakes, cookies, cake pops and other pastries.


CURRENT ACCOUNT 019-904998-6
  • The Buyer shall pay the Price for the Product(s) as stated on the Sellers invoice and not (where different) as expressed in any quotation, estimate or documentation, or given orally by the Seller.
  • All pricings quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
  • All products sold on BAKEBABE.COM do not and will not include any GST.
  • We only accept full payments, at least 7 days in advance, before delivery date.
  • Full payments has to be made before hand therefore we do not accept Cash/Cheque on Delivery (COD).
  • In the event whereby full payment is not made 7 days before event, BAKEBABE reserves the right to cancel the order without any notification to the buyer.
  • We only accept payment via “Bank Transfer” & “Couriered Cheque”.
  • For Bank Transfers, the Buyer has to make full payment as stated on the Quotation and/or the Invoice issued to the Buyer by the Seller. A scanned receipt or a photo of the receipt to must be sent to the Seller to prove transection.
  • For Cheque Payments, Buyer has to drop the Cheque for BAKEBABE OR Courier it to our address. Full payment as stated on the Quotation and/or the Invoice issued to the Buyer by the Seller is to be made, with a scanned cheque emailed to us as prove of payment and record purposes. Payments must be credited into the account at least 7 days before delivery date.
  • In an event whereby the Buyer fails to prove payment transection(s) and that Seller does not receive any payments, BAKEBABE reserves the right to cancel the order immediately.
  • Pricings are subjected to change without prior notice.
  • For information on other payment methods & extra surcharge, please continue reading or refer to the FAQ segment.


  • Refundable Deposits: A deposit of at least $222 is collected per Product rental such as decorations. Rented products should be returned to us within 3 days after delivery date. In the event where our Product(s) rented is either damaged or broken, the deposit will not be refunded. Otherwise, if product(s) are returned in good or similar conditions, deposits will be refunded within 7 days after receiving our product(s).
  • Non-refundable Deposits: We accept deposit of at least 50% on orders that are $10,000 and above only. The purpose of a deposit given to Seller is to prove that Buyer is capable to make full payment for the Product(s). Deposit must be made at least 14 days or more before delivery date, depending on the quantity and quality of Product(s) ordered. A deposit will confirm the order or reserve of date for advance orders. Final payment of remaining balance is to be paid at least 7 days before delivery date. Failure to make full payment promptly, 7 days before delivery date, may result in order cancelation or delayed delivery of at least 1 day.


  1. Rental of Products = $222 deposit OR MORE
    *Depending on price of product(s) rented, approved case-by-case basis only.
  2. Rental Extension = $22/day per product.
    *Chargeable when exceeding 3 days deadline for returns.
  3. Damaged/Broken Products = $111 OR ALL DEPOSIT
    *Depending on condition of product(s) returned, approved case-by-case basis only.


  • An administrative surcharge of $15 will be imposed for each amendment. Amendments must be made 10 working days prior to Product(s) collection or delivery date.
  • A $20 cancellation fee will be imposed for each cancellation request.
  • The Seller may cancel the contract of sale at any time before the Product(s) are delivered by giving a written notice (E-mail) to the Buyer. On the giving of such notice, the Seller shall repay to the Buyer any sums paid in respect of the Price of the product (Full payment is due 7 working days before delivery date). BAKEBABE shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (inclusive of indirect or consequential losses) arising from such cancellation, due to late payment.
  • The Buyer may cancel the contract of sale at least 30 days in advance before the delivery date by giving a written notice (E-mail) to the Buyer. On the giving of such notice, the Buyer shall be eligible for a full 100% refund of total payment amount received.
  • Last minute cancellation of contract of sale under 30 days before delivery date is not accepted and NO refunds will be given to Buyer.
  • Termination or suspension of the contract of sale, whether by the Seller or the Buyer and for whatever cause, shall be without prejudice to the accrued rights of the Seller. Notwithstanding termination of the contract of sale (for whatever cause), all obligations of the Buyer under the contract of sale shall, where relevant, survive termination, and the Seller shall be entitled to require performance of such obligations.


  1. Amendments Fee = $15/amendment
    *At least 10 days prior to delivery date.
  2. Cancellation fee = $20/cancellation
  3. Cancellation 30 days in advance = Full refunds
  4. Cancellation under 30 days = No refunds


  • BAKEBABE reserves the rights to accept or reject requests for specific time deliveries in relation to availability of drivers and transport.
  • Delivery time cannot be fixed (eg. 1pm), instead is within a specific time frame of 1 hour (eg. From 1pm – 2pm).
  • BAKEBABE will endeavor to deliver within the delivery timing.
  • Delivery time could be affected due to bad weather or traffic conditions and/or unforeseen circumstances.
  • BAKEBABE shall not be liable or responsible for any late delivery or failure to deliver the products ordered due to unforeseen circumstances beyond control.
  • Specific delivery details such as contact person’s name, contact numbers, address should be provided which will be written on the invoice.
  • All invoices are used as final point of reference for deliverymen.
  • BAKEBABE shall not be liable for wrong information provided by the Buyer or written on the invoice. Buyer is responsible to check for the accuracy of the invoice details.
  • BAKEBABE will deliver the Product(s) to the address that the Buyer provided to BAKEBABE’S sales-person as written on the invoice. At the time that was stated by the Buyer and to the person in charge of the collection of the Product(s) as stated by the Buyer.
  • In the event whereby the Buyer is unhappy with the product, the Buyer should not accept the Product(s) and call BAKEBABE’S hotline immediately.
  • Should our courier be unable to deliver, a follow up e-mail or phone call will be sent to the Buyer informing the Buyer how they can collect their parcel or arrange for a re-delivery. It will then become the Buyers’ responsibility to contact our sales-person to arrange a suitable re-delivery date.
  • If no contact is made to our sales-person, BAKEBABE accept no liability or any loss or damage by reason of a delivery failure owing to the recipient not being available, or if the Product(s) perish and become inedible due to the result of non-delivery.
  • BAKEBABE can only deliver to the address provided by the Buyer when placing an order and is not liable for late or failure to deliver if the stated address on invoice is incorrect before delivery.
  • In the event that there is no recipient to receive the Product(s), the Product(s) will be sent back to BAKEBABE for self pick-up by Buyer. No refund will be entertained due to the perishable nature of our products.
  • The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer for late delivery or short delivery of the Product(s).
  • BAKEBABE reserves the rights not to entertain any complains after Product(s) are delivered.


  1. Self pick-up = FREE
  2. Standard Delivery = $35 OR MORE
    *Depending on order quantity, approved case-by-case basis only
  3. Restricted Area Delivery = $50 OR MORE
    *Depending on delivery location, such as Chalets, Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Jurong Island, Changi Airport, Army Camps, Government buildings or embassy.
  4. Last Minute Delivery (7 days before delivery date) = 35% additional charge on total order
    *Depending on order quantity, approved case-by-case basis only
  5. Festive Period Delivery = 20% additional charge on total order
    *Please refer to our festive dates on FAQ Page
  6. Delivery hours during 10pm to 8am = $100 extra charge
  7. Redelivery = $35 OR Price as quoted for delivery


  • Standard Collection timing is 3 hours after event starting time, exclusive of delivery and set-up hours prior to that, for catering orders (eg. Event starts at 3pm therefore collection is at 6pm).


  1. Standard Collection in 3 Hour = FREE
  2. 1 hour extension = $50 extra charge
  3. 2 hour extension = $80 extra charge
  4. Next day collection = $200 extra charge
  5. Collection hours during10pm to 8am = $200 extra charge


  • The Buyer shall inspect the Product(s) upon delivery. The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the entry or inscription of the Buyer’s signature on the Seller’s delivery note on the delivery of the Product(s) to the Buyer shall be conclusive evidence that the Buyer has examined the Product(s) and that the Product(s) correspond in every respect with the Product(s) that the Buyer is entitled to receive under the contract of sale.
  • The Buyer shall also be deemed to have accepted the Product(s) and is satisfied with the Product(s) upon either receiving the product, consuming it, signing the delivery slip (invoice) or after deliverymen has left the delivery location after delivery of product(s).
  • Where the Buyer, having received delivery of the Product(s), rejects them, the Seller reserves the right to require the Buyer to return the Product(s) to the Seller in its original form, irrespective of whether the Buyer is entitled to reject the Product(s).
  • The Buyer may not reject delivered products, on the grounds of short delivery. Product(s) that have been delivered by the Seller to the Buyer is chargeable at contract rate of the Product(s) that have been delivered.
  • Where the Buyer does within the relevant time period as stated above, notify the Seller in writing of any claim that the Product(s) delivered are defective or damaged or that there has been non-delivery of the Product(s), the Seller shall be given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the delivered Product(s) concerned and/or otherwise investigate the Buyer’s claim(s).
  • Where the Seller after such inspection/investigation agrees that the Product(s) are defective or damaged or that there has been non-delivery of the Product(s), as the case may be, though no fault of the Buyer, the Seller shall at its sole absolute discretion and without any further liability on its part, be entitled to either one of the below stated:


  1. Delivered Product(s): Refund of a maximum of 20% for the Product(s) in question. OR;
  2. Undelivered Product(s): Redeliver the Product(s) or fulfill the delivery of the Product(s), as the case may be. OR;
  3. Undelivered Product(s): 100% refund for undelivered product(s) at contract rate to the Buyer within 7 working days.


  • If the Buyer rejects any Product(s), the Buyer shall have no further rights whatsoever in respect of the supply to the Buyer of such Product(s) or the failure by the Seller to supply Product(s), which conform to the contract of sale.
  • If the Buyer accepts or have been deemed to have accepted any Product(s), then the Seller shall have no liability whatsoever to the Buyer in respect of those Product(s).


  • The risks in the Product(s) shall pass from the Seller to the Buyer upon delivery and receiving the products (acceptance of goods), be it in the form of delivery or self-collection.
  • The risks in the Product(s) shall pass from the Seller to the Buyer if the Buyer fails to receive products at appointed delivery location or time when the Product(s) are due and already delivered on the agreed day and date.
  • In the event where the Seller agrees to deliver the Product(s) to another delivery location (different from the original delivery location stated on the invoice), the risk undertaken by the Seller during delivery shall not extend to any risk of deterioration in the Product(s) that is necessarily incident to the course of transit.
  • The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Product(s) are perishable and that the Buyer would, upon delivery of the Product(s) assume full responsibility for the proper handling, storage and use of the Product(s).


  • All billing and personal information are kept private and used solely for documentation and office use only. We do not sell or supply Buyer’s private information to third parties or anyone not related to our company BAKEBABE.
  • BAKEBABE owns and reserves the right to post Buyers’ company logo, name, comments, testimonials and pictures of the event on our website without consent of our Buyers.
  • BAKEBABE owns the photography rights to all products that are sold by us.
  • BAKEBABE reserves the photography rights to advertise our customers’ cakes in any form of media.
  • In an event whereby you dislike the information posted on BAKEBABE.COM, feel free to write into ADMIN@BAKEBABE.COM to request for it to be taken down.


  • All contract of sale issued by BAKEBABE & its employees shall be construed and governed by the laws of Republic of Singapore and the parties hereby agree to submit jointly and severally to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Singapore in all matters pertaining there to and with full liberty for either of the parties to resort to the Courts of any other country where jurisdiction may exist or be established.